A Report on the Bottom Line

A Report on the Bottom Line
Conditions for Children and the Texas of Tomorrow
"If you want to know the end, look at the beginning." - African proverb
With these words, Texans Care for Children begins an exploration of how life starts for the youngest Texans--and what it means for the state's future.
From the womb to the classroom to the juvenile lock-up facility, children in Texas experience unique barriers to success. Addressing their challenges, as the report explains, is key to a better future for Texas itself. Each section of A Report on the Bottom Line features:
  • information about the effectiveness of state spending on children,
  • details about disparities among groups of children around the state, and
  • straightforward recommendations--not only for what the state can do but also for how every-day Texans can get involved in improving children's lives.
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How a Texas child stacks up to other kids in the U.S. and what drives poor outcomes for children


How Texas is doing at protecting children from abuse and neglect and meeting the needs of foster children

PovertyData on the financial security of Texas children and the state's approach to child poverty
HealthHow Texas is faring in infant and maternal health, child obesity prevention, and health care for kids
Mental HealthData and information about child development and children's mental health in Texas
Juvenile Justice

How Texas is doing at keeping kids out of the correctional system and at turning young lives around



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