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More News about Kids Archive - Thursday, June 28, 2012
For the latest news, visit our "More About Kids" policy page and our blog. Below is an archive of some past reports and news we have shared about children's issues.
3.13.12 Mommy Mob: Beyond The Blame Game(LiveMom Blog)
2.21.12 Speaking Out! Obama's Budget And Kids(Voices for American's Children)
2.10.12 It Doesn't Cost To Educate A Child: It Pays (The Houston Chronicle)

2.7.12 When It Comes To Child Care Arrangements, Don't Forget Dad(Education Week)

2.3.12 Key State Programs See Budget Holes(San Antonio Express-News)

2.3.12 State Commissioner Predicts $15 to $17 Billion Shortfall In Medicaid(The Houston Chronicle)

2.1.12 Group: Education Cuts Equal 32,000 Job Losses(The Houston Chronicle)

1.25.12 The Best States To Grow Up In(The New York Times)

1.19.12 Here's A Honey-Do List For Gov. Perry(The Houston Chronicle)

11.21.11 Pelosi Wants To Tackle Day Care? Good(The New Republic)

11.4.11 Did Legislature Have Proper Focus On Education?(Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

11.3.11 Texas Lawmakers Begin Work On Interim Session Topics(Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

11.1.11 Survey: More Cuts To School Jobs Expected Next Year(Austin American-Statesman)

8.2.11 We Can't Ignore The Debt Crisis Right Here In Texas(The Houston Chronicle)

7.21.11 Kids' Share 2011(
7.21.11 Children's Budget 2011(
7.2.11 McCown: Texas Lawmakers Got It Wrong(Austin-American Statesman)
6.9.11 What In The World Is A Mommy Mob?(Texans Care Blog)
4.19.11 McNeely: Lack Of Guts Symbolizes ‘Worst Session' Seen(Midland Reporter – Telegram)

4.12.11 Federal Budget Deal Repeals ‘Doggett Amendment'(Austin-American Statesman)

4.7.11 Cuts Will Hurt Children and Elderly in Texas(Laredo Sun)

4.5.11 Lawmaker Reads Budget Letter From Kingwood Student To Texas House(


3.2.11 Rainy Day Fund Sparks Thunder And Lightening(Houston Chronicle)


2.27.11 Leaving Children Behind(The New York Times)


2.6.11 Key Indicators for Texas Children Moving Down(KVUE)

1.25.11 Group: Texas Stiffs Kids--and Culprit Is Lack of Will, Not Immigration(TrailBlazers blog)

1.25.11 Texas Children: Canaries in the Coal Mine(Miller-McCune)

1.25.11 New Report Says Conditions for Texas Children Endanger State Economy (Texans Care news)

1.21.11First Draft of Texas Budget Slashes Our Children's Future (Corpus Christi Caller-Times editorial)


1.12.11 Texas Budget Deficit: Is It $15 Billion or $27 Billion? (FrontBurner)

1.9.11 Public Wants Two Major Areas of Budget Protected(Austin American-Statesman)

1.8.11 Raining in Austin: As the Legislature meets, care must be taken not to harm our children(Houston Chronicle editorial)

1.12.11 Texas Budget Deficit: Is It $15 Billion or $27 Billion?(FrontBurner)

1.9.11 Public Wants Two Major Areas of Budget Protected(Austin American-Statesman)

1.8.11 Raining in Austin: As the Legislature meets, care must be taken not to harm our children(Houston Chronicle editorial)

1.6.11 5 Big Wins for Kids in 2010 and 5 Issues to Watch in 2011(Texans Care blog)

1.6.11 The Texas Omen(New York Times column)

12.9.10 Does Texas' Future Add Up?(Texas Observer)

12.8.10Budget Ax Chopping Even Deeper(San Antonio Express-News)

9.21.10 Gleek Out for Kids(State of the Children blog)

9.20.10 TEA Cuts to Student Services Could Affect Learning(Texas Tribune and KUT)


9.8.10 From Our Clarity in Choices Department(State of the Children blog)

9.6.10 Legislators Push Aid to Middle Schoolers (Houston Chronicle)

9.1.10 Most Texans Don't Know This, But They Should(State of the Children blog)

8.11.10 Unauthorized Immigrants and their U.S. Born Children(Pew Hispanic Center)

8.7.10 Spare Budgets that Help our Children Thrive(Houston Chronicle op-ed)

8.6.10 Proposed Health and Human Services Cuts Would Prove Costly for Texas(Texans Care press release)

8.4.10 State Budget Cuts Undermining the Recovery(Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

8.1.10 What Works for Home Visiting Programs(ChildTrends)


7.8.10 A Healthy Mind Makes a Healthy Body in Teens (ScienceDaily)

7.7.10 Poll: Fewer Opportunities Seen for Minority Kids(Boston Globe)

6.20.10 Poverty, Drop-out Rates Bode Grim Future for State(Houston Chronicle)


6.1.10 Ax Likely to Fall Hard on Human Services(Austin American-Statesman)

5.26.10 Only Kids Can Fix this Economy(Huffington Post)

5.26.10 The Importance of All the Parts of Child Wellbeing (State of the Children blog)
5.26.10 Cuts are Detrimental to Children(Austin American Statesman letters)

5.24.10 Act Now to Protect Benefits for Children and Families(Voices for America's Children)

5.18.10 Have an Ax to Grind? Leave Kids Out of It(State of the Children blog)

5.17.10 States' Budget Crisis Hitting Agencies and Programs that Serve the Most Vulnerable: Children(Associated Press)

5.10.10 Early Childhood Highlights: New Series Summarizes Research to Inform Policy(ChildTrends)

4.28.10 Public Investments in Children's Early and Elementary Years(Brookings Center on Children and Families)

4.26.10 Transitions to Adulthood(The Future of Children)

3.22.10 Texas Early Childhood Profile(National Center for Children in Poverty)

3.9.10 Texas's Children 2010 – State Fact Sheet(Child Welfare League of America)
3.3.10 A Closer Look at 2010 Budget Cuts(Texans Care Newsroom)

2.10.10 The Last Time Around: Lessons from the Tough Budget Year of 2003 and What it Could Mean for 2011(Texas Tribune)

2.10.10 What's In It for Kids? The 2011 Federal Budget Proposal(Connect for Kids)


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