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A simple phone call or email can have an enormous impact on elected leaders' decisions. Texas legislators say sometimes it takes only a handful of calls, just the interest of a small band of Texans, for them to change their minds. These decisions can have far-reaching effects on children's lives. Please take the time to sign up to receive our action alerts. A message from us about what's happening with something that matters to you will let you know what is happening, which officials to contact and how, and what they need to hear. An archive of recent action alerts can be found below.

General Policy Action Alerts
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   6/21/2012 Make A Difference For Kids' Safety And Success
Kids are being corralled in a juvenile lock-up and Texas needs a better plan for them. Just a handful of Texans raising their voice right now can make a huge difference for kids' safety and success!
   5/14/2011 Raise Your Voice for a Better Budget
Call and get your friends and families to do so, too. It takes just 10 minutes to tell each budget conferee: Protect health care and schools in the budget, and use the Rainy Day Fund.
   5/13/2011 Help Children Entering CPS Get Better Care
Call the House Human Services Committee by Tuesday and ask them to pass SB 651!
   5/11/2011 Let Budget Conferees Know They Can STILL Save Our State
Tell Budget Conference Committee Members to Save Our State.
It's not too late to protect health care, jobs, and the economic future of Texas!
   5/11/2011 Time to Call Your Rep about Payday and Auto-Title Lending
The House has hours remaining to pass payday and auto-title lending reforms. Urge your Texas representative to vote yes on the HBs 2592, 2593, and 2594.
   5/9/2011 TODAY Keep What Works for Kids in Texas Schools
Please call your State Representative today to say, "Vote NO on amendments to HB 400 that would lower the bar on health, safety, and education for Texas school children."
   5/5/2011 Tell The Lieutenant Governor And Speaker To Save Our State!
The Texas Senate followed the House in passing a budget that includes deep and harmful cuts to health care, education, and services to children— there is still time to stop a budget that fails to protect the priorities of Texans!
   5/2/2011 Encourage Schools to Handle Mental and Behavioral Health Challenges Better

The House Education committee has yet to take a vote on a bill to improve schools' approach to disciplinary challenges.

   4/28/2011 Get Support For These Juvenile Justice Sunset Bill Amendments

The Juvenile Justice Restructuring bill that would merge the Texas Youth Commission and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission into one Agency - The Texas Juvenile Justice Department is up for a vote on the House Floor.

   4/28/2011 Tell Your Senator To Vote "NO" On Bringing The Budget Up For A Vote
The proposed Senate budget could be called up for debate as early as Friday, April 29. Although an improvement over the House budget, the Senate budget is unacceptable and does not protect the priorities of Texans.
   4/19/2011 Support HB 2270 at the hearing on Tuesday, April 19th to ensure more children with private health care have Early Childhood Intervention services.

HB 2270 seeks to protect children with private health care from losing public Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services.

   4/16/2011 Help Get Needed Dollars for Texas Schools and Services AND Curb Child Obesity
Tell the Senate Finance Committee to support the $4 Billion "soda tax" bill.
   4/12/2011 Helping Schools Be More Thoughtful About Behavioral Challenges
Two of our priority bills, both filed by Rep. Armando Walle of Houston to support schools' ability to handle children's behavior challenges more constructively, need a hearing from the House Public Education Committee: HB 1340 and HB 349.
   4/11/2011 Promote Physical Activity in Schools and Communities through support of 'Complete Streets" Legislation
Having safe, convenient places to get outside and be active is linked to better health. Complete streets are roads designed for the safety of all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists.
   4/9/2011 Oppose SJR 12, a Disaster for Texas
Tell your senator to reject SJR 12, a disastrous idea for Texas. Amid deep cuts to vital services, the fast-moving Senate proposal would make funding in Texas even harder to come by for years to come.
   4/8/2011 Keep Children Out of Adult Prison
Three bills to help keep kids out of adult prisons where they don't belong need your help. Tell key lawmakers to support HB 3303, HB 3351, and HB 3698.
   4/1/2011 As the Budget debate continues, Help Save Our State
There's a toll-free number you can call to tell the House Speaker to "start over" on the budget and make it work for kids--and an upcoming day at the Capitol when you can join fellow Texans in saying, "Save Our State."
   3/31/2011 Promote Maternal and Infant Health By Supporting this Bill
Make hospitals report when they do procedures that put mothers and babies at unnecessary risk.
   3/28/2011 Get Schools and CPS to Improve How they Handle Kids
Tell lawmakers to curb bad practices occurring in child welfare settings and in schools  and to replace them with practices that improve mental wellbeing in kids.
   3/22/2011 Improve Health in Mothers and Babies
Three bills that address maternal and infant health are on the move and need your help.
   3/21/2011 Tell Your Rep, "Charging 500% Interest Is Wrong"
Tell the House Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services Committee to close the loophole on payday and auto-title lenders.
   3/16/2011 Tell State Leaders to Spend the Rainy Day Fund!
As children lose teachers, vaccines, and abuse prevention services, it is not, as the governor says, the Rainy Day Fund that needs protecting.
   3/10/2011 Join Us for 3 Big Days at the Capitol for Children and Texas
Child Protection Day is March 24, Cover Texas Now! Health Care Lobby Day is March 30, and the massive SAVE OUR STATE Rally is April 6.
   3/1/2011 Counter the Health Reform Critics
A public hearing on a vital health reform issue gives you a chance to speak out about the importance of the Affordable Care Act for kids and families.
   2/17/2011 Help End Predatory Lending in Texas
Contact the Senate Business and Commerce Committee about curbing predatory lending that harms families.
   2/11/2011 Tell Members of the House Funding for Children Matters
As appropriations hearings begin in the Texas House, your representative needs to hear about how to move Texas Forward.
   2/4/2011 Tell Lawmakers What Schools Need
As budget hearings continue, tell lawmakers you want funds for healthy, safe, school-ready children maintained.
   1/28/2011 Funds for Vital Programs At Risk: Let the Senate Finance Committee Know
Texas can maintain funds and meet needs, but state leaders need to hear from you as budget hearings get started next week.
   1/11/2011 140 Days at the Capitol for Children
Make every day during this very important legislative session a day for children at the Texas Capitol.
   10/13/2010Make sure health premium dollars get spent on actual health care
Health insurance companies are trying to weaken a rule that would mean better health care for Texas children and families. Your voice is needed right now.
   8/5/2010 Protect Vital Services for Texas Kids
Texas plans to decimate services for Texas children, but your action can prevent a proposal to end vital programs from becoming reality.
   6/30/2010 Wednesday, July 7 is Call-In Day for Juvenile Justice
There are three big opportunities pending in Congress to reform juvenile justice in the United States. Time, however, is running out, and your representatives need to hear from you.
   4/30/2010 End Child Hunger
The U.S. Congress is deciding about a major nutrition bill for children. Make your voice heard for the children of Texas, who are most at risk of hunger of any kids in the United States.
   3/24/2010 Nutrition and TANF Programs Need Your Support
Two votes coming up soon in Congress provide a chance to help low-income children in Texas. Contact your elected officials in Washington today.
   3/11/2010 Today Health Care and Other Basics for Kids Hang in the Balance
Your Representative in Congress will decide in the days ahead the fate of health reform. Congress needs to hear from you now more than ever. 
   3/3/2010 Protect Programs for Kids from the Budget Ax
Plans for service cuts will do real harm to children. Your call to your legislator could make all the difference.
   2/5/2010 State Leaders are Exploring Budget Cuts Texas Can't Afford
Let Officials Know You Support Keeping—Not Cutting—Services for Kids and Families



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